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Friday, September 21, 2012

Aluminum Housing Trend?

Most people want to get off the plane as fast as they can. Not this guy.

Bruce Campbell of Oregon one day decided to buy an old Boeing 727 and place it in his garden. Realizing the potential, he then decided he wanted to live in it. This is an amazing story of perseverance and creativity. It goes to show that home sometimes IS where you make it -- even in old airplanes!

Bruce Campbell, of Oregon says, "Planes are well designed, high tech, aerospace quality sealed pressure canisters that can withstand 575 mph winds and seven G acceleration forces with ease, could last for centuries (with effective corrosion control), are highly fire resistant, and provide superior security. They’re among the finest structures mankind has ever built".

Why aren't we all living in planes?  Here's the story.

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