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Tuesday, January 3, 2017


So, 2017 is days away and you are contemplating your resolutions, right? Probably not that seriously, but statistics say 45% of Americans will make one or more resolutions for 2017. Guess how many of those people will actually keep them for a full 365 days? 8%. Only 8% folks! So why are we constantly pushing this whole "New Year's Resolution" thing? It's like we are setting ourselves up for failure from the get-go... Do you know the top 10 in Resolutions made? According to

1. Lose Weight (duh)
2. Get Organized (what about us who already are?!)
3. Spend less, save more (AKA, the smaller version of the American Dream)
4. Enjoy life to the fullest (Why are we not already doing this daily??)
5. Staying fit & healthy (isn't that already on this list?)
6. Learn something exciting (Ooooh that sounds fun!)
7. Quit smoking (every year for the rest of your life......)
8. Help others in their dreams (I feel like this came a little out of left field)
9. Fall in Love (Aww.. but can you RESOLVE to do this? Doesn't love... just... happen??)
10. Spend more time with family (come on, America. Do better EVERYDAY.)

Ok, ok. We've all heard these hundreds of times since the day we learned what New Years' resolutions were, but what if we worked toward something different; something concrete; something we could be proud to say we "DID" at the end of 2017? Do you already know what I'm talking about??? Answer: BUY A HOME (this is a real estate blog after all). 

What if you went to a lender in January? (Ask us, we know some really terrific ones). What if they told you exactly what you need to do in order to start looking at homes by February/March (or sooner!). What if you connected with an awesome real estate agent that helped connect you with homes listed by other agents, for sale by owners and even door knocked if you wanted something more specific that was NOT already on the market?  (Yes, we do THAT! We are awesome). What if you could have an offer accepted by March and move in by April? You wouldn't even have to hold on to your resolution for 12 months, you could knock it out in less than 5 months!

Take back the resolution power: Put an elliptical in the spare bedroom, build shelves for storage, host parties. create new memories with your family & friends... look, you just knocked out even more resolutions! Way to go!! 

Are you picturing it? Are you ready to start the process? Call us, we would love to get you into your dream home with a stress-free, seamless transaction from start to finish! Our experienced, knowledgeable and (most importantly) FUN team is ready to get you started (901) 410-8818. You can even start your search online HERE

PS. If your resolution is to GROW or DOWNSIZE, we are also really awesome at listing and selling homes. Just ask us how! Call 901-410-8818 or click here to find your home’s value!

Source: Holly Glatt, Licensed Assistant 122816

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