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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

3 things to look for when interviewing an agent

Selecting a real estate agent is a very important part of the process whether you are a buyer, seller or both. You need to select someone who is seasoned in Memphis real estate transactions, knows the area from Harbor Town to Cordova to Lakeland and will be able to negotiate the best price and terms. Though we at the Carstensen Team pride ourselves on our experience and quality of service, some real estate agents just aren't on top of their game. Here are three questions to ask any real estate agent that separate top-notch quality from lower level mediocrity.
 Is this your full-time gig? How many clients did you work with this year?

You want to find an agent who is not only passionate about real estate, but is in the midst of the Memphis real state market. They are more likely to understand the local real estate market, be up to date on recent sales and also know the latest laws.

Can I have a list of references?

Reputable Memphis real estate agents have a good track record in the community. They should not shy away from giving names and contact information of previous clients who have been happy with their services. Additionally, if you are dealing with a short sale or foreclosure, ask for references who have also dealt with the same circumstance. That way you know the agent has expertise in that area.

What sets you apart from everyone else?

This sort of open question should allow the agent to shine. However, look for expertise, not just eagerness. They should take the opportunity to share a story about how they advised a client in a positive manner that turned out getting that client a great deal whether buying or selling a home.

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